PPC AdWords Leads
  • With Us
    • Hands-on, bespoke strategy, uniquely built for each dealer
    • Transparency to show you the good & bad so we get better together every montn
    • We work your hours when you need us & up our availability end of month
  • Other Agencies
    • One-size-fits-all, your dealership is just another client
    • Only show you the positives & bullshit around the opportunities to improve
    • 9-5 M-F with 3-5 week lead time to make any changes
Search Engine Optimization
  • With Us
    • Target the search terms that we agree on together
    • Transparent to shows you our results every month
    • Show you how to actually gain leads using SEO
  • Other Agencies
    • Tells you what keywords they will work on
    • A lot of ‘tech speak’ around what they are actually doing
    • Gives nebulous marketing terms & never worked in automotive
Social Media Lead Gen
  • With Us
    • Ran by dealers that sold actual cars from Social Media
    • Experience in producing quality leads, not garbage
  • Other Agencies
    • Don’t care or work towards actual sales
    • Just care about number of form fills sent in (mostly “Jon Doe’s”)
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