Timeline by Months
Set up for Success
  • For Google AdWords campaign set up Google My Business account with map location.
  • Connect inventory feed to Google Shopping (to then deliver ads to inventory with Google Search)
  • Establish AdWords direction, keywords, ad copy & landing page design
  • Create or expand Social Media accounts to grow user engagement & digital footprint
Execute Plan
  • After 4 weeks to lay the foundation, by Month 2 we aim to deliver quality leads
  • Receive feedback on lead volume, type, demographic & estimated value
  • Tweak campaign based on feedback giving more successful keywords & ad copy the prominence
  • Grow brand awareness through local audiences on Social platforms
Growth Phase
  • Analyze the efforts and spend with the greatest ROI and adjust resources to hit the Gas on your leads
  • Grow the campaign channels that are successful and twilight what doesn’t perform to a 3x return on investment
  • We work with you to connect your internal resources with the right types of leads that gain the most success
  • Leverage user data to connect the right vehicle
  • Expand brand awareness & re-marketing programs to growing audience
  • Outpace competition’s ads with more precise spend allocation & ad delivery.
  • Gain a familiarity with local audience passionate about exotics
  • Consult with client to look for new advertising channels that have shown success to deliver quality leads
  • Once we’ve established proven methods to generate a positive ROI on ad strategies we then look to further grow to dominate the competition
  • We aim to make your dealership the dominant source for highline vehicles in your area
  • Audience on Social Media platforms has now grown where organic posts will gain audience traction
Blue Skies
  • Systems are now fully tweaked from lead generation to showroom ups we survey for more opportunities to increase ROI multiple from ad spend
  • Build and develop new/exciting ways to connect with audience through re-marketing and social strategies.
  • Develop tools in new markets and ways to connect with various car enthusiast groups.